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Congratulations to Campus Dining Services, recipient of the Winter 2021 SAC Salutes Award!! Thank you for everything you do for Mizzou!

MU Staff Advisory Council 2020 - 2021

First: Mike Duncan, Waleed Atout, Christy Hutton, Jasmine Chievous, Stephen Braddock, Krystin Cooper
Second: Travis Johnson, Dilauna Burks, Lisa Harrison, Sarah Rigdon, David Licklider, Kim Foley
Third: Jackie Carney, Hannah Clampitt (Chair), Ricky Conatser, Rachel Powers, Jacqueline Chenault (Vice-Chair), Liz Beal
Fourth: Aric Bradley, Alisa Petty (Admin), Heather Horn (Secretary/Treasurer), Terrance Camp, Sequoyah Moore
Not Pictured: Michael Williams, Bryce Osman, and Angela Branson


Staff Advisory Council 2020-2021



2020-2021 Executive Committee:
Hannah Clampitt (Chair), Heather Horn (Secretary/Treasurer) and Jacqueline Chenault (Vice-Chair)


Executive Committee


Calendar of Events



Bi-Monthly Staff Council Meeting (10am - 11:45am)



Bi-Monthly Staff Council Meeting (10am - 11:45am)