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We are currently accepting nominations for the upcoming SAC elections. Fill out the nomination form by 5 p.m. Friday, May 24th. 


Congratulations to the Department of Biological Sciences, recipient of the Winter 2019 SAC Salutes Award!! Thank you for all you do for Mizzou!!!


the department of biological sciences




MU Staff Advisory Council 2018 - 2019

Back: Brad Sharp, Ryan Gavin
Middle: David Licklider, Sean Brown, Alisa Petty (Admin), Regina Baer, Scott Noble
Second: Rachel Powers, Liz Zufall, Hannah Clampitt (Vice-Chair), Jan Judy-March    
Front: Liz Beal (Chair), Heather Horn, Dayla Botts (Secretary/Treasurer), Ricky Conatser, Ronnie Moten 

Not pictured: Robert Merrill

2018-2019 SAC



2018-2019 Executive Committee

Dayla Botts (Secretary/Treasurer), Hannah Clampitt (Vice-Chair), Liz Beal (Chair)

2018-2019 Executive Committee


Calendar of Events



Bi-Monthly Staff Council Meeting (1:15pm - 3:00pm) 
Stalcup Room, Mizzou Arena 



Bi-Monthly Staff Council Meeting (1:15pm - 3:00pm) 
102 Arts & Science