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Congratulations to the SISLT Student Services Office, recipient of the Spring 2021 SAC Salutes Award!! Thank you for everything you do for Mizzou!

Photo of Spring 2021 SAC Salutes recipient, SISLT Student Services Office

MU Staff Advisory Council 2021-2022    
First: Mike Duncan, Alisa Petty (Admin), Krystin Cooper, Travis Johnson, Dilauna Burks, David Licklider
Second: Lisa Harrison, Jackie Carney, Hannah Clampitt, Ricky Conatser, Heather Horn (Secretary/Treasurer), Jacqueline Chenault (Chair)
Third: Megan Wilkinson, Terrance Camp, Jessica Hosey, Rachel Powers, Shawn Clark, Angela Branson
Fourth: Liz Beal, Lindsay Hing, Bryce Osman, Heidi Mitchel, Kim Foley (Vice-Chair)
Not Pictured: Cindy Greenwood

Staff Advisory Council 2021


2021-2022 Executive Committee:
Jacqueline Chenault (Chair), Heather Horn (Secretary/Treasurer) and Kim Foley (Vice-Chair)

Executive Committee

Calendar of Events



Bi-Monthly Staff Council Meeting (10am - 11:45am)



Bi-Monthly Staff Council Meeting (10am - 11:45am)