About Us

As a result of departmental centralization efforts between UM System and the MU campus, the Staff Advisory Council was created in 2022 to better represent and serve both MU and UM System staff. This merged the individual MU and UM System Staff Advisory Councils in favor of a council that is comprised of staff from both entities.

Staff Advisory Council is a volunteer-board holding 27 MU/UM staff members, 4 of whom serve on the Executive Board committee. Elections to Staff Advisory Council are held at the end of Spring annually, with terms starting shortly after.

What does Staff Advisory Council do?

Staff Advisory Council serves as a mechanism by which the University is able to engage, communicate with, and celebrate MU and UM System staff. Staff Advisory Council provides input and feedback to leadership regarding policy, regularly hosts events and activities to recognize and honor staff, and oversees the administration of several staff-specific awards.

Staff Advisory Council holds two meetings each month in which leadership is invited to present upcoming changes, receive feedback on policy, and inform staff of happenings around campus. While Staff Advisory Council does not hold decision-making power on MU and UM policy, both Council and leadership strive to ensure that staff needs are being met in an excellent manner.

Staff Advisory Council manages the awarding of several staff-specific awards throughout each year. These awards include service and performance recognition, educational financial support, and even professional development support. To learn more about these awards, please see our Awards page.

To learn more about the events and activities that Staff Advisory Council hosts throughout the year, please see our Calendar of Events page.