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The council consists of 22 members elected for three-year terms. Staff Council members are elected by their peers and represent the following groups:
      Administrative/Professional - Includes exempt, non-academic administrative professional and managerial staff.
      Technical/Paraprofessional - Includes non-exempt staff and positions requiring specialized knowledge or skills which may be acquired through experience, technical or other training.
      Clerical/Office - Includes office staff designated non-exempt and not considered technical.
      Crafts/Maintenance - Includes non-exempt skilled, semi-skilled, apprenticed crafts, trades and service staff.
      Members-at-large - Six members from staff-at-large will be on Staff Advisory Council from any eligible job title, regardless of category.


Any benefit eligible MU staff member (>75% FTE) with at least one year of service, before nomination, non-Hospital, without academic appointment and currently not on probation is eligible for election.

Current Members
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