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Frequently Asked Questions


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Who is the Staff Advisory Council (SAC)?

The Council consists of 22 members elected by staff of the Columbia campus staff (i.e. you). There is representation from the following groups: 
(A/P) Administrative/ Professional - includes exempt non-academic administrative professional and managerial staff.
(T/P) Technical/ Paraprofessional - includes non-exempt staff and positions requiring specialize knowledge or skills which may be acquired through experience, technical or other training.
(C/O) Clerical/Office - includes office staff designated non-exempt and not considered technical.
(C/M) Crafts/Maintenance - includes non-exempt skilled, semi-skilled, apprenticed crafts, trades staff and service staff.
Members-at-large -  Six members from staff-at-large will be on Staff Advisory Council from any eligible job title, regardless of category.

Staff Advisory Council was formed by Chancellor Barbara Uehling in October 1978. The mission of the Council includes: advise the chancellor on matters of mutual interest to MU staff; provide an appropriate and effective channel for bringing staff concerns and interests to campus administration; act as liaison for staff and administration on matters initiated by staff or by the council; strive to heighten awareness of contributions made by staff members.

What are some of the things SAC does?

Annually, a recognition week is held for staff. This consists of a MU Staff Awards Ceremony recognizing years of service, presentations of the Mick Deaver Memorial Award, Barbara S. Uehling Administrative Excellence Award, MU Inclusive Excellence Award, Mizzou Alumni Award and the Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Awards. There are also activities to celebrate staff, including a free luncheon, the annual Arts and Crafts Showcase and HRS Seminars. Up to three times a year, funds are awarded to staff for professional development. Applications are evaluated on how the proposed training or conference will help you grow professionally.  The council also coordinates the Education Award which is a small scholarship to help pay for books or help offset tuition.

How can I get involved with the SAC?

By watching for e-mails and social media notifications and responding to the call for volunteers. The council solicits volunteers to help with Staff Recognition Week. At least once a year council calls for volunteers to serve on campus-wide committees. To be eligible you must have one year of service and be 75% FTE or more. Terms are for three years, and you may serve two consecutive terms. 

You can also run for a seat on the council. Nominations are accepted beginning in May with elections being held in July. For more information visit Elections