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Educational Award Committee


The MU Staff Advisory Council Educational Award Program is intended principally to assist in personal and professional development by providing funding for classes/courses at accredited institutes of higher education. Programs from an accredited G.E.D. program are also encouraged.


The Committee includes two representatives from each of the four occupational categories (Administrative/Professional, Technical/Paraprofessional, Clerical/Office and Crafts/Maintenance) who serve two-year appointments commencing on September 1 of the year appointed and continuing through August 31 of the following year.    


The Award is granted twice a year.  For each award period, the Committee reads the applications and scores them individually; they then meet to discuss the scoring and formulate a recommendation to the Staff Advisory Council as to the winner(s).  


No Committee member may apply for an award while serving on the Committee.

The time commitment to this Committee is variable as the number of applicants influences the amount of time spent reading applications.  Committee meetings to discuss scoring typically last no more than 2 hours.  Since the Award is granted only twice a year, most staff members find the time commitment manageable.